Who is Company Shop?

CompanyShop is a Quebec company (Canada) created to provide visibility and web platform fully equipped with low cost dedicated to companies.
We also have a classified ad for individuals totally free.

We offer a complete management platform. The merchant logs in to their account to manage all aspects of their website from the administration section. It can modify all sections of the site itself and may also submit change requests to our company.
All the necessary tools for sale online are available with the appropriate package. All you have to configure them.

We do not have what you need?

Send us the idea and if it is accepted and can be applied to other businesses, we create without charge and you can use it for free. (Other businesses might have to pay to use it.)

With CompanyShop, your items are not found only on your website. They are also posted on our site in the category
Your content is optimized for Google searches and offer easy to understand advertising plans.

To give you an overview, we have recently created:

  • The live auction Ebay inspired, fully customizable.
  • A offer system on your items for sale negotiable.
  • Payment calculator. (calculating monthly payments with an interest rate based on the price of the item).
  • Display and simple change of opening hours.
  • An inventory of all you have to sell.
  • Automatic publishing on multiple pages and facebook groups in 2 clicks.
  • Tracking visits in real-time directly on your administrator platform.
  • Chat with your customers directly on your website with the service system
  • And even more

See the full list of features

The advantage of CompanyShop is that you do not have to pay development costs. Often these costs several thousand dollars among our competitors.
You do not need to pay a programmer to create it all the functionality you need, we have done for you.
All you have to pay is the monthly payment of your package.
We charge fees for what you do not want to do it yourself:

  • Creation of pages $ 20 / page
  • Unique Custom Theme: $ 250 (several basic themes are already available for free)
  • Adding articles: Minimum Wage + $ 4 / Hour
  • Managing your Facebook page: to be discussed

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